Monday, July 2, 2012

Sometimes a girl needs her chocolate!

I've had a long lasting love affair with chocolate, but haven't always had the best relationship with it. It used to be that I'd be working in my kitchen (I work from home) and swear every day around 3PM I could hear a little voice from my pantry whispering, "chocolate...come and get it!"

But once I switched to non-dairy chocolate (anything 70% or darker!) the crazy pull slowed down. In a sense, it was like my palate had matured a little and I finally understood when someone said they could eat a single luscious square of dark chocolate and feel satisfied. I used to get annoyed when people said that, but once you cut out refined sugars and just occasionally reach for dark chocolate, it's very special.

Here are two of my current favorite bars. What do you like? Please share!

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JP said...

The 85% Lindt bar is also really good. A little goes a long way.