Friday, July 20, 2012

The Engine 2 Store on

By now you know I'm a huge fan of all things Esselstyn, both Rip Esselstyn and his father, Caldwell, author of this book, which was a real game-changer for me :)

The Engine 2 Diet is a book about eating "Plant Strong" which is a term I LOVE because "vegan" doesn't necessarily mean HEALTHY. For instance, you can eat a lot of sugary processed foods that just so happen to be vegan and be a rather unhealthy person. However, to eat plant strong, you're eating a balanced diet of plant-based foods (beans, soy, nuts, fruits, vegetables, grains) with a focus on REAL food :) That's what I try to teach here at veganmama.

The Engine 2 people now have a "store" at Amazon, where you can purchase Engine 2 approved products. I don't know how I didn't know about this! How easy to shop, especially if you have Amazon Prime which gives you free shipping.

They link to Books and DVDs; Plant Strong Food; Kitchen Essentials; Plant-Strong Kids; Plant-Strong Workouts

I love their recommended books, many of which I have read, but a few I now NEED! :) Check it out!

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