Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Veganmama on the road, Westport, MA

Oh Westport, MA how I love you. Let me count the ways...

You are 45 minutes from home and I don't have to deal with any Cape traffic when I want to visit you in the summer.  Perfect! It's only $7 to park at the beach and even when it's crowded, I don't seem to mind because, well, I'm at the beach.

It's quaint and mostly farm land and ocean. Nothing more appealing to a girl like me!

And if you leave the beach (Horseneck) and ride into town, you can visit this really sweet natural food market. Any place called "Gooseberry" has to be a happy place.

I probably could eat that whole basket of tomatoes myself, with a little salt and pepper. Heaven!

Bought a pint of the blueberries and ate the whole thing in the car while my family got icecream down the street. :)

If you know me, you know peas are one of my favorite things to snack on in the summertime; however,  they HAVE to be the sweet peas you eat right out of the shell. Best ones in the world are in Maine right about the 4th of July. 

Nature's candy! And then to top things off, they sold my new favorite flavor of Kombucha,  Gingerberry.

Can't we all use some words of enlightenment? I certainly can!

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