Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday, where we take a look at what I've been up to in my kitchen.

Things have been simple. I realized the other day that I'm doing a lot more of my shopping in small bursts to pick up fresh produce. I don't miss winter's long trips to the grocery store when I feel I really have to stock up. Summer is slow paced and perfect that way!

Breakfast was typical me: a bowl of Shredded Wheat topped with fruit. Best part? Snappy red grapes!

Lunch was special because I harvested my first batch of arugula from my humble garden! For those of you who have never had arugula minutes after it's been picked, it's amazing. It's SO peppery!

Topped it with some leftover tabouli from the fridge. The mint and parsley from the tabouli were also from my garden :)

My afternoon snack was a smoothie (I know, you're shocked!) topped the a handful of walnuts. This was made with ice, almond milk, frozen banana and a scoop of chocolate plant-based protein powder.

I love "Life's Basics" powder, which you can order here from Amazon!

Dinner was a quick Mexican meal of baked corn tortilla, black beans (that I soaked and cooked overnight in the crock pot), salsa (I like Newman's ) and avocado. Corn and spinach for good measure :) Notice on the left that I took a bite out of it before realizing I needed to take a picture first - oops!

Dessert was simple and satisfying. Lindt 85% dark chocolate heaven. It's divine.

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