Friday, August 10, 2012

Small Changes

Today is the first post I'm writing called "Small Changes," which will be a way of suggesting the small things we can do to incorporate new foods into our diets.

A year ago,  I began flirting with the idea of going from vegetarian to vegan after I decided to try soymilk on my cereal instead of cow's milk. I had only used skim milk for years, and was never interested in soymilk, but woke up one day thinking, "I'll try it." I had read a few books about eating vegan and was intrigued, so I thought this was a pretty basic first step.

And that, honestly, was the beginning!

So I challenge you, dear reader, to consider making one small change this week. Since today is Friday, maybe you try to switch out your cow's milk Monday morning to soy? I think Silk's light vanilla is a good first step for people not familiar with or turned off by the taste of soymilk. It's sweet and tastes great on cereal.

Want to give it a try?

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