Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday :)

Breakfast was courtesy of Whole Foods, who gave me these wonderful (large!) samples of dorset cereals. Not that I needed a sample, as these were already my two favorite flavors! Check out the dorset site to read all about them. Each box runs around $5.00 and is sold at Whole Foods, Roche Brothers and some Targets, I think.

Lunch was really good: kale chips (you don't have to use oil to make them), quinoa (plain) and my vegan sloppy joes.

Snack were my favorite new cookie. I overcooked them a little so they would have a nice crunch to them. Yum!

Dinner was our new favorite type of pasta, brown rice pasta, topped with a simple jarred sauce, some butternut squash and a side of broccoli, beans, spinach and edamame (which came from the freezer).

My meals are always simple and I love to post these pictures so you can see that healthy eating can be quite easy when you have a sense of balancing out your meals. Have fun!

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