Thursday, June 28, 2012

Veganmama On the Road!

Foodworks Natural Market and Deli, Exit 59 Guilford, Connecticut is one of my favorite natural markets. We found it by accident last December when we were driving down the east coast and to say I flipped out when I went inside is the truth :)

What I love about it is that it has a real neighborhood feel to it. Oh how I wish there was a place just like that in Norton! I would gladly work there...for free :)

Here are some pictures inside the shop:

Candid picture, aw well!

 You know I love these crazy things!

Goji berries are super good for you and taste sort of like a dried cranberry and dirt, and of course, I dig them.

Beautiful baked breads and rolls at the front of the store.

That's a nice selection of non-dairy ice creams!

You know how much I love bulk. Ever since I was a kid!

Cleaning supplies.

I simply love this store and it's right off the highway, so stop by the next time you're heading south on 95!

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