Monday, June 18, 2012

Farm Fest!

My daughter and I recently attended the Farm Fest held at the Maple Farm Sanctuary in Mendon, MA. It was a beautiful way to spend a sunny day in the country. Not only did I get to meet some people I've heard about in this circle,  I bumped into a couple of friends by surprise. Here are some pictures of our day!

 Of course we got to see cute cows!

Part of what appealed to me was the small size. Room to move around and breathe!

The Vegan MetroWest Network

This was the happy person working at The Humane League table. Everyone is always smiling at these sorts of events.

The only thing better than Yoga outside are a bunch of cute kids doing it together.

My Lebanese great grandmothers used to henna their hands. Hip before it was hip, peeps!

And of course the awesome people from the Bellingham Whole Foods were there giving out all sorts of cool samples! Raw dessert balls, hummus and chips, my favorite muesli and cool bath products. Thanks Whole Foods!

Donna from Better Off Well was there volunteering with her sweet son. Doesn't she look all official? Please click on the link to her beautiful new web site. So calming, isn't it?

The holy grail of all vegan ice cream trucks, it's the women of Like No Udder!

Can't you just tell they're nice people?

My daughter enjoyed a sweet chocolate/vanilla swirl.

I did the same, but got a sweet (but not too sweet) strawberry topping. Good times!

These baskets are beautiful, no?

I thought this band was really coooool.

Not only got to buy this book, but talked for a while with the author, J. Morris Hicks. He and I are on the same page :)

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