Friday, June 8, 2012

A simple, cheap way to store your spices!

I'm a sucker for an organized spice drawer (I know, I know, the old alphabetized spice drawer joke...), but I'm serious. I cook a lot and need fresh spices in easy reach. Not that there is anything wrong with keeping spices in a spice rack on a counter top, I prefer a more minimal look in my kitchen, so I keep them in a drawer in my island.

Anyone who's on (addicted) to Pinterest will tell you they see lots of cool ideas on the site. I found this idea for painting the tops of baby food jars black and labeling spices. The next day I bought about ten small jars of baby food (because I'm a weirdo, I threw the pureed fruit in my smoothie :) and went to town!

Part of what I like is that the jars are small, so I can make sure there's a lot of turnaround with the spices and they don't sit for over a year.

The original Pinterest picture that got this organizing ball rolling was from the site:

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