Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lets Get Dirty!

Lets get dirty, so we can get clean! (I've been waiting all week to say that! Clever, right?)

I know Tuesdays are normally "What the Bulk" Tuesdays, but this week I wanted to talk about my favorite bath products by The Body Shop.

I have been using their different shower gels for about a year and they keep my skin soft, with just a little bit of a scent. And my kids' shower looks like a rainbow of different scented gels!

Have you tried them? They don't dry out your skin and they lather well. Pictured here are three scent options, but I'm craziest over the Pink Grapefruit. The scent wakes me up and always smells yummy.

Because I'm not lucky enough to have a Body Shop nearby, I wait until I'm low on product and then buy about a year's worth all at one. The web site is always running a special, like buy-two-get-two, which means you're getting 4 bottles for about $24. Not so shabby.

Trust me, you'll love it.

And you'll smell delicious!

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