Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Good morning friends! Welcome back to another "What I Ate Wednesday" post. I've had so much fun with these because once a week I get to pretend I'm a food photographer.

I realized after I uploaded the picture that I took my breakfast picture before I added the almond milk. This was a bowl of Rip's Big Bowl topped with bananas and walnuts, and eventually, topped with almond milk :)

Lunch was so typical veganmama: stuff thrown together with whatever is in my fridge. This is baby spinach topped with lentils, carrots, hummus, grape leaves, tomatoes and about a quarter of a sweet potato. No dressing necessary when you have hummus, don't you agree?

Sometimes snacks just have to be chocolate-based, right? This was about four ice cubes in the blender with about a half cup of almond milk, a scoop of chocolate protein powder (plant based) and a half frozen banana. I also sprinkled some unsweetened coconut on top for good measure. I think I had already eaten most of it by the time I remembered the camera :)

Dinner looks smaller than it actually was, but it was a very good roasted buttercup squash stuffed with a savory stuffing of quinoa, apricots and sage. Side dish of mushrooms, onions and cabbage and a mango just for fun :)

Dessert felt fancy. It was an almond pear cake I made from the book Clean Start. The next time I make it I'll tweak it a little, but it felt special for a mid-week dessert. And looking at this, you'd never guess there were no eggs, butter, white flour....

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