Friday, May 18, 2012

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

Sugar is everywhere. And sometimes it still surprises me how much is in our snacks. Take trail mix, for example. I'm sure you know not all trail mixes are created equal. For example, I bought my son this little trail mix to have during his baseball game. Normally I wouldn't buy one with M&Ms in it, but this was a treat :) Turns out this little harmless looking package had 16 grams of sugar per (tiny) bag.

Well, a teaspoon of sugar is 4.2 grams. So this 16 gram of sugar package has about FOUR TEASPOONS! of sugar.

So what does that look like?

 Most sodas have around 39 grams of sugar. 39 GRAMS. That is more than NINE teaspoons. So the glass above? More than double the amount shown....just drink water, my dear friends!

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