Monday, May 7, 2012

Proofed Bread Company

Who doesn't love a beautiful loaf of bread? Especially one that is made by a baker in your very own (small!) New England town? Welcome to Proofed, a local company run by baker Larry, right out of his home. After love-at-first-bite, I reached out to Larry to learn a little more about his business.

"I started Proofed about a year ago as a result of having to re-invent myself because of the difficult economy.  I have always been involved in food service having gone to culinary school.  For most of my career I was focused on the management aspects of Food Service.  Baking yeast breads was always a hobby which I enjoyed making during my down time.  I decided to try my hand a producing high quality, freshly baked yeast breads at local farmers markets. My first market was in June of last year and since that time the feedback has been tremendous.  From starting in my kitchen with 1 kitchen aide mixer and 10 lbs of flour and about eight different varieties, I now have the ability to produce up to twenty-five different varieties and up to 200 loaves of bread a day,  all still in my home kitchen. 
There is some additional information in the about us section on my website –
The story behind the Vegan Bread developed very recently.  At the Winter Farmers Markets, at Codman Square in Dorchester one of the organizers, Sarah Cadorette, is Vegan.  Sarah mentioned that she would love a hearty organic vegan bread.  I felt that Sarah wasn’t the only one looking for a specifically developed vegan bread.  I’d learned a long time ago to listen to your customers.  I came home from the market that day and developed a recipe that would be Vegan, using organic, healthy and tasty ingredients.
Not only is the Vegan Bread I make “Vegan” but many of my other breads I believe qualify such as: Funky Munkey, (no monkeys are hurt in making this bread) Country Style White, Mediterranean Olive,  Honey Whole Wheat, Organic 7 Grain w/ Pumpkin Seed and Apple Cider, Pineapple, Mango & Raisins, Tuscan Herb, Harvest Raisin, and Carrot, Apple & Raisin.  These all meet general vegan standards although honey is used on some of these recipes.  I’m always looking for and developing new breads that have different and unique flavor profiles."
He will be at the following Summer Farmers Market this year:
South Boston
Harvard Allston Farmers' Market
Dorchester @ Ashmont
Attleboro @ LaSallete
Attleboro @ Downtown
Dorchester @ Codman Sq.
Boston B&G
Norton @ Wheaton College until end of May.
And people can order directly from his website.  Please friend them on Facebook!

Filled with seeds and dried fruit...

Beautiful pumpkin seeds on the top. Best part? The ones that fall off into the bag that you can eat :)

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