Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Good morning dear friends and welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday :) I'm having fun posting these pictures and hope you're enjoying this as well!

First up were the overnight oats I recently talked about. This batch included oats, almond milk, chia seeds, flax seeds, raisins, cinnamon, walnuts and a little unsweetened coconut. YUM!

Today's meals were simple, simple, simple. Just a reminder that plant-based eating should be easy! Lunch consisted of a chopped romaine lettuce and spinach salad topped with tomatoes, sunflower seeds, sliced mushrooms and cold (but cooked!) butternut squash leftover from the night before. Dressed with a light miso dressing.

My snack was, of course, a smoothie! Are you shocked that this one doesn't have spinach in it? :) I was in the mood for something fruity today. This was a cup of almond milk, 5 ice cubes, 5 frozen strawberries and a half a frozen banana, which goes from this...

To this! Who said eating well wasn't fun?

Dinner was smaller than usual because I had a pint of beer for a late-night "dessert." Hey, what can I say? This girl enjoys her liquid bread from time to time. Dinner was a corn tortilla (I like the organic ones from Whole Foods) pineapple, a boatload of salsa, black beans, tiny sweet peppers and a salad on the side. What's missing from this picture? I should have topped the whole thing off with some sliced avocado, right? What was I thinking? :)

Dessert anyone? Embracing the savory over the sweet is new to me. In fact, before going plant-strong, I didn't have a taste for beer. At all. Like, never. Now? It's my go-to favorite flavor. Does anyone else find that interesting? I'm convinced my taste buds have rewired themselves. My spouse is NOT complaining :)

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