Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What the BULK?!?!? Brown rice makes a super easy lunch or dinner!

As much as we all love to cook every night (a-hem...not really, right?) sometimes you just need to throw something together quickly. And quick doesn't have to mean processed. In fact, I'd say making something like this can be done in about five minutes, as long as you have a little stash of brown rice already cooked and waiting in the fridge (which is a good idea, in general!) *side note: why not keep some quinoa, lentils and brown rice in the fridge for quick go-to lunches?*

One of my favorite go-to super quick (cheap!) and easy dinner goes something like this:

Fill a bowl with some cooked brown rice (so nutty and filling!)
Top with rinsed beans (either black or pinto)
Top with salsa (peach? mango? Spring anyone?)
Top with some defrosted frozen shoe-peg corn (so sweet!)
Zap it in the microwave. That's it! :)

And then jazz it up: avocado, green onions, chopped cilantro....the sky's the limit! Remember, meals like this are easy, affordable AND good for you! Cooking doesn't need to be some complicated event!

I imagine grad students all over the country already live on this :)

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