Monday, February 13, 2012

Origins review: Brighter By Nature™ SPF 35 Skin tone correcting moisturizer

We've all heard it millions of times: to keep your skin young looking (and more importantly) safe, you need to wash your face in the morning and apply a daily SPF. And not just in the summer, YEAR round. This product by Origins is something I've been using for a few weeks. Here are my thoughts, and some interesting facts and figures:
My thoughts:

It's likely I will mention this for every Origins product I review: it smells terrific. Not a strong scent, but it smells clean and fresh.

One of the things that has bothered me about my complexion are the small brown spots I'm starting to get on the sides of my face. What can I say, I'm 39 years old and wasn't always as careful about sun protection as I should have been (Hello 1990's! Sitting outside the college dorm spraying my face and body down with water to get a tan? Can anyone relate? Sadly, I bet you can!) So the little spots are starting to appear, as well as some general discoloration. So a product that is useful for correcting skin tone is something that appeals to me.

The facts from Origins:

Brighter By Nature SPF 35 Skin tone correcting moisturizer

Suitable for all skin types, this lightweight face cream while not offering the same results, provides a pain-free, 2-in-1 alternative to laser procedures to help fade existing dark spots while also preventing future discoloration. Formulated with a clinically-proven blend of highly-efficacious ingredients that help break the cycle of discoloration, this oil-free moisturizer encourages a uniform complexion to return. Past damage is undone with the help of Palmaria palmata along with cluster-busting Turkey Tail Mushroom and Ascorbyl Glucoside, naturally-derived Vitamin C, which work together to target and help disperse the appearance of existing dark spots. Scutellaria Root along with Apple and Cucumber Extracts help even skin tone, while Japanese Basil Leaf, Peony Extract and Burnet Extract provide soothing, anti-irritant benefits. Additionally, the combination of Grapeseed Phosphate, a potent antioxidant, and a blend of sunscreens provide broad-spectrum UV protection to help discourage future discoloration from forming.

This product is $43.50 a jar, which will last you a very long time, as I've been using mine a while now and it's going far :)

Have you tried this particular product? If so, please tell us your impressions!

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