Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two ingredient dinner? Sign me up!

Have you ever seen or tried broccoli slaw? I love it! It looks and tastes like regular old bagged cole slaw, but has more nutritional punch! I had this brand on hand:

And the other day when I wanted to make a more-substantial-than-usual lunch for my husband and I, it occurred to me how good it would be to combine the broccoli slaw with this:

You know I LOVE Gardein products. I'm all for trying to cook most things from scratch, but when I need to make something quickly, their products are perfect. This mandarin orange "chicken" comes frozen, with the "chicken" in strips. The orange sauce is frozen in a separate little bag that you heat up in a cup of warm water for a few minutes. Simple, simple! I threw both the slaw and the chicken in a pan and after tossing in the sauce....

WOW! A delicious hot lunch that was definitely dinner worthy! We liked this so much I'm going to consider this another go-to easy dinner for sports/music lesson nights!


Jules said...

I picked these items up at the super market last night to give it a whirl. It sounds great!

Veganmama said...

Jules, what did you think? Pretty darn good, right? :)