Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tempeh with peanut dipping sauce

Tempeh is one of my favorite things to keep on hand in my fridge. It's loaded with protein, has a great nutty flavor, and is a cinch to prepare.

This was actually one of the appetizers I served my family during the superbowl. The left side of the plate is the pan-fried tempeh, and the right side are frozen Gardein chicken bites (both of which were great!)


Slice into strips. Then brown in a non-stick pan coated with a little olive oil until lightly browned (as shown above).

Peanut Dipping Sauce:

1/2 cup natural peanut butter
1/4 cup water
3 T crushed toasted peanuts (not necessary if you use chunky peanut butter)
2 T tamari soy sauce
2T fresh lime juice
1 garlic clove, minced
1 T minced ginger

Blend all ingredients. Yield: 1 1/2 cups

Peanut dipping sauce recipe from: The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau


sandra said...

This Tempeh looks so yummy!
How did you get it to look so neatly sliced and crispy-like? Is it coated in anything?


Veganmama said...

Hi Sandy! All I did was coat the pan in a little olive oil and the tempeh browned up beautifully. It slices really cleanly, as well. Enjoy!