Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday, where I share what I've been making in my kitchen :)

Breakfast was a bowl of old-fashioned oats, Uncle Sam cereal and Shredded Wheat topped with soymilk, sliced bananas and crushed almonds.

Lunch was really yummy: homemade hummus and tabouli with snappy grapes and pita chips!

Snack was the usual: a smoothie. Although this one looks pink in the picture, it was a chocolate protein powder/almond milk/frozen banana flavor, topped with peanut butter granola. Kind of fun in the middle of the day, I'm not going to lie :) One might say it was an afternoon delight!

Dinner was really simple and good. Some kale chips, sweet potato, tomato, carrots and (more!) hummus and Gardein orange "chicken."

Ate a big ol' slice of watermelon for dessert. I will miss summer watermelon!

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