Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What the bulk?

The kids have been back in school now for a few days and that means coming up with creative lunch ideas five times a week!

Most of the time I give them each a sandwich, wrap or salad, a piece of fruit, something crunchy and something sweet.

One of the things they love is a very simple homemade trail mix with satisfies the crunchy/sweet thing very well! Sure, Trader Joe's (which finally opened locally, yahooooooo!!!) makes a great assortment of trail mixes, but I think it's fun to make my own. Plus, the kids enjoy being a part of it. Most of the time children really do like being asked to help.

I usually mix Cheerios, raisins, Craisins, chocolate chips (dark), raw almonds, raw sunflower seeds and pretzels. There is really no recipe here or rules, just have fun with it. I recommend making one big batch that will last for days.

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