Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I ate Wednesday

Welcome to a new weekly post, "What I ate Wednesday" which is something I'm excited to try out. A lot of other food bloggers do the same thing, giving their readers a little sense of what they're eating. Fun and voyeuristic, right? So here is a typical day in the life of veganmama. First up...breakfast!

Here is one of my favorite breakfasts! It's basically Rip's Big Bowl (Rip of Engine 2 Diet fame) topped with whatever fruit I have in the house. The grapes might look strange on cereal, but much to my surprise, they're great! Especially if they are really snappy, right? Cereal with almond or unsweetened soy milk. Cup of decaf green tea (or whatever herbal tea I'm craving that morning.)

The cereal pictured is this mix:

Shredded wheat (save $ and buy the store brand!)
Grape Nuts (store brand)
Uncle Sam (amazing and ZERO sugar)
Ground Flaxseed
Old-fashioned oats
Fresh fruit takes up half the bowl!

Lunch typically consists of some sort of bean-based salad. This is a bed of baby spinach topped with cold lentils (I always have them on hand in the fridge!), part of a sweet potato, tomato, baby carrots, a stuffed grape leaf and some simple oil-free hummus that I made. Lots of variety, but the tastes all blend well together.

My afternoon snack is always a green smoothie of some sort! This is ice, almond milk, a ton of spinach and half a frozen banana, pulverized into a tropical delight. Trust me, you can't taste the spinach, peeps. I threw some unsweetened coconut on top for flare :)

Dinner was simple but YUMMY. I made a stir fry of caramelized onions and cabbage, grilled portobella mushroom, slice or two of avocado, and tiny sweet peppers.

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