Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rip Esselstyn on Good Morning America

I love a few different things about this video. First off, Rip reminds us of the amount of protein in plant-based foods, since a lot of non-vegetarians get fixated on that. Also, so great to see Rip's Big Bowl on national tv! My family loves it and eats it (without the grapefruit and not as huge!) almost every day, so it's a favorite. Have you tried it? What I recommend is measuring about a week's worth all at once and storing it in a sealed container. Lastly, Rip reminds us of the importance of knowing our numbers. If you don't know your cholesterol, now's the time! It's a simple blood test that could really give you a wake up call. Don't be scared...know your body and what it needs!

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