Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lotus Restaurant, Chantilly, VA

While we were on the road, we celebrated my birthday with my in-laws, who live in Chantilly, VA, where you can eat any kind of food imaginable. Although I love to complain about the traffic and over commercialism there, I can't complain about the restaurants!

When asked what I wanted for my birthday lunch, I said, "How about a funky vegetarian place?" We found one, just 10 minutes away! My idea of a perfect birthday is a beautiful meal eaten with those I love, right? So let me tell you about this funky spot.

Lotus is an Asian restaurant that basically serves everything Chinese you've ever had, but it's all vegetarian. How do they do that, you ask? Soy protein in the form of seitan, tofu, tempeh and textured vegetable protein.

In the pictures above, you see my sweet boy enjoying a smokey plate of brown rice, soy protein, steamed vegetables and basil. The second meal was mine, which blew my mind! It consisted of diced soy protein sauteed with dried tofu, celery, organic carrots, peppers, peanuts and spicy king pao sauce. Bring on the heat, I love it! And the fresh carrot juice took the edge off the heat. I'm guessing they put about 10 carrots into a Vitamixer to fill that tall glass. Next was my father-in-law's lunch, which was brown rice, steamed broccoli and crispy orange eggplant. Amazing. Not exactly a low-cal meal, but it was SOUL food! What cracks me up is that it looks like we were eating a plate of ribs, when in fact it was eggplant. My daughter enjoyed a simple lunch of steamed edamame and soy chicken nuggets.

When you're traveling, Asian restaurants are a great source for vegan eating!

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Faith said...

Asian places are always my go-to too because I know most of them offer tofu, but in the worst case scenario I can walk away with a big bowl of steamed veggies + rice. Win - win!