Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to jazz up a salad, veganmama style!

There really is something about a fresh, crunchy garden salad, right? I'm not talking about the iceberg lettuce salad of our youth, topped with cukes and out-of-season tomatoes, but a big ol' SALAD that you can really sink your teeth into and make a meal out of! The kind where the dressing is light and doesn't take away from the taste of the vegetables.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing some family from out-of-state and we enjoyed a nice Sunday dinner together at my parent's house. I was asked to contribute a salad to the meal, so I thought I'd have some fun with it and really jazz it up.

I started with a base of organic romaine, chopped. Then I added a small amount of chopped kale and chopped parsley, for extra flavor and nutritional bang :) Then, it was just a process of adding any vegetables I had in the fridge, including: broccoli, cukes, yellow and red peppers, soybeans, carrots (just do yourself a favor and buy the already-shredded kind!), avocado and Craisins. My favorite part of it were the raw sunflower seeds I toasted in a dry skillet and sprinkled over the top. The dressing was a light dressing from Annie's. Definitely a salad with enough flavor and crunch to satisfy!

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