Sunday, October 2, 2011

And so it begins!

Welcome to day one of my new blog, veganmama. I appreciate your interest and it is my hope that friends will find this blog easy to relate to, a place of inspiration, and their go-to site for amazing vegetarian recipes! I've recently realized that not only eating a vegan diet, but also teaching others about it, is something I'm very passionate about. That I should go "vegan" actually hit me with such clarity, that I call myself a "born again foodie." Yes, I'm the same Nicole who was baking up unhealthy cookies and treats for friends for years. Sure, I still like to bake! But now I am baking and cooking responsibly and with a different purpose. Part of what makes life so exciting is the changes we make along the way. Perhaps you're here because you're looking for change? Whatever the reason, thank you and welcome aboard!

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Cate said...

I'm excited for some inspiration and new ideas, I'll be following you! I am the same, when I eat well I feel my best. One of my first memories of when we first met was how well you ate during your pregnancy, and I was soooo impressed with your dedication. There was some green smoothies I think as well.