Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The 16th Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

John and I enjoyed experiencing our first "foodie" fair this past weekend, visiting Boston for the 16th annual Boston vegetarian food festival, brought to you by these lovely people: Can you see how excited I am in the picture? The festival hosted everyone from natural food vendors, authors and magazines. There were artists selling organic t-shirts and bags, where I picked up a cool t-shirt! I won't lie, it was very crowded and most of the vendors were short on space, but the sight of so many like-minded folks in one big room was awesome. I think I was smiling the entire morning. Are you familiar with Cafe Indigo? They make a FABULOUS vegan carrot cake that is so special Whole Foods carries it in their Bellingham bakery. Stop by and visit them if you're heading up North to ski this winter. Can you believe how beautiful some of the desserts were? I tend to focus on the sweet stuff around here, but there were lots of great savory choices for lunch. John had a big Carribean plate for lunch including plantains, some crazy cool cabbage thing and some bbq tofu. I had a plate of brown rice, southern-style bitter greens and baked tempeh. Did I mention almost every table had free samples? We tried everything from different organic chocolates to a whole table of hummus! We tasted sunflower butter, funky energy bars, sunflower milk (who knew?), soymilks, almond milks, vegan cheese and a assortment of other tasty treats. Here are some shots of the day, which do it no justice!

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