Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chocolate Protein Powder

If you've been following me or a while, you know I like to have a smoothie most afternoons between lunch and dinner. Part of it is my sweet tooth, the fact that I get hungry around 3:00, and they are just fun!

Life's short. If I can have a snack that is about 200 calories and tastes like a frappe, I'm IN! And I love that I can switch them up by just using different fruit, vegetables, nut butters, etc.

My favorite line of protein powders are "Life's Basics" which you can order right here from the site. They are affordable and last about a month if you're having one every afternoon like me! I recently had a friend show me how to add these live links to my blog to make shopping easier for my readers. I hope you like it!

And if you're looking for a good smoothie maker, I really love my Ninja Professional blender. It takes about one minute to make a perfect, thick smoothie (I like them thick to eat with a spoon!) It is completely worth the money, as I also use it for soups, dressing, etc. It really does the trick for basic smoothie making!

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